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Link to the official website of the event with the names of the organizers and DJs.

You have to be motivated to get to Calpe - small resort for tourists, lost on the Costa Bianca, with its large tall buildings overlooking the beach. Fortunately there is the "Rock", this beautiful stone laid there on the edge of the water. In fact it is a small peninsula, but it happens to win very easily deal with large hotels that sit in front of the sea.

Arriving at the hotel, one of those who appear in front of the beach (!), One is quickly impressed by the size and luxury, that tangueros / ras can afford only for that at the end of the tourist seasons! !

The group of tangueros seems to be in majority in this hotel at this time of year, and we quickly feel right at home in the dining room where we find ourselves happily in the late morning, after a waking up late, or early afternoon, after the morning milonga that takes place in a nice little room open to the outdoor pool, or even the evening between the milonga of the afternoon and evening!

Many opportunities to warm up the legs !! Everything happens in the hotel (almost - see below). No need to travel outside. The car stays in the car park! You can stay in dancing shoes, no need to take jacket or warm clothing.

All this is very nice. The faces are becoming more familiar and exchanges in the elevator, necessarily very brief, are in Spanish, English or French - (!) I have not tested other languages

Everyone seems happy with the relaxed, friendly, way of practicing our favorite hobby, without any material desire, in a total holiday spirit.

The organization of these four days is, it must be said, exceptional. Everything comes together perfectly. DJs select their music according to the time and place of the milonga, and manage at best depending on the evolution of evenings.

The evenings are fine for those who still had enough energy to stay until 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning, sometimes frenzied and well animated. This contrasts with the spirit "encuentro". Spirit of encuentro which is not always respected and also very dependent on the public participating in nightlife - some have "forgotten" the basic rules to keep in this kind of event. We saw ballroom dancing exhibitions during the milongas, which had nothing to do there. As against the dances performed by the same people during the "after" were very fun to watch.

Another negative note, since this is the time I benefit, some do not appreciate the size of the large room that does not, unless you have exceptional vision - what few tangueros / ras still have after a certain age (!) - to practice mirada / cabeceo. After a few setbacks like simultaneous invitations of two tangueras, or a meeting of two tangueros that both believe to be the only ones to have won the attention of beautiful red dressed tanguera ! - A color headlined at a party where red was called - which does not help much in the "tracking" of tangueras. After a few setbacks many tangueros break the rules and advance midway on the runway most likely to invite their tnguera - which takes away some of the appeal of the cabeceo method ...

Some highlights that marked the period: lunch in a small restaurant of the port - in a large and noisy room where it was necessary to master the language of gestures - followed by a "digestive" walk for the entire group, to the sound of tango music - and that was the charm of this magic moment - until the end of the road passing the famous rock, where we danced on the runway ... landing for the helicopters (!) under a beautiful sun and surrounded by majestic rocks, whose colors have constantly evolved during the last hour until sunset.

Back to the hotel for the whole group, with a slow walk punctuated by the mobile audio, with increasingly tireness of the feet, that the helipad has not spared!

Another strong moment that will be remembered is the morning "Tango Spa". For two hours the hall / pool hotel spa was wired for sound by the music of the tango, and we could see couples dancing in the pool, surrounded by water jets and steam, or barefoot on the tiles wet surrounding the bath. Much appreciated moments to relax the body and especially the feet - after four days of intense exercise - in hot or ice baths!

In conclusion, the organization of this event is excellent. We are supported completely like children in a summer camp, our "instructors" are friendly and helpful, always smiling and ready to meet our every need.

"Encuentro" spirit is not always respected, but is it so important?

Very pleasant initiatives that create great memories.

See you next year !!

Claude Gosselin

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