The univers of Tango milonguero



For some months I like more dancing "milonguero". Why for a few months while I practice the tango for many years, I really do not say, but I think this may be the normal evolution in this dance. Things to see and discuss.

Beginners do not know this way of dancing "milonguero". Two reasons can be: you must first have a good knowledge of the figures of tango and how to stand, that often requires several years of hard work. Then this way of dancing is rarely taught in tango classes, much less practiced in the "milongas".

What's the "milonguero"? It is first a very close position of both partners. The contact is kept by the torso and with a light touch of the head. And especially the movements are, let's say, optimized to the maximum in order to achieve reduced travel, low magnitudes. But that does not mean simplicity! Rather this technique requires a lot of experience, musical sensitivity, balance and strength. Both partners must be "savvy" of this particular way of dancing.

Advantages: saving space, limited risk of collisions, energy saving. This is for the convenience of the thing. Another advantage: a deeper pleasure (developed below).

And this is why this "technique" is observed where it has been understood for a long time in Argentina, and elsewhere in the spaces where m2 are rare and expensive!

Proponents of milonguero crazy about encuentros because in these events participants are "hip" and not likely to encounter a helicopter on their way.

Obviously this is not "beautiful" to see from the outside. Demos are never made in the milonguero style. The show is performed by the maestros on combos where the bodies are distant figures and easiest to achieve and especially to look at and admire. Acceleration is also more visible and demonstrative.

Is this the reason why the milonguero style is as little taught? I would like the opinion of some teachers on this topic. Is it difficult to teach the style "milonguero"? But first is that it can be taught? Or is not it rather a way to feel the dance, music, his / her partner with a sensitivity that one develops after years of experience?

I'll make a gift to those who do not know yet,  it is good advice: Try as soon as you can, whenever you feel that your body and your emotions loans. Dive into this new world of tango milonguero.

Women who have tasted quickly become addicts. Many close their eyes and savor these moments deeply. The return to "reality" sometimes requires time to adapt! Men will find also advantages related to a better feel of their partner, hence ease of guiding, and a lower expenditure of energy. This is significant when one aspires to dance all evening, for his own pleasure and also of tangueras that are many more still waiting to go for a ride to this "new heaven" milonguero ...

Claude Gosselin