Back from Tangopostale 2015


A great festival. It is my impression particularly this year. A very good level of services and dating. The dancers come from far away, but the fact of finding the faces of all the friends and relationships made all over France and Europe is enough to make me happy during those 10 days.

This year I meanly ran away and did not participate in the actions of volunteers ... but every day I thought, sweating and cursing against the heat, others are banging the installation and dismantling all the logistics (huge!) event. Congratulations and thanks to those who have worked for us.

Soon 16h, I hurry up to the subway, down to the Capitol station, in front of  the Tourism Office, going towards the Garonne. A crowd of onlookers and tourists is already walking around and filling the streets ... it looks more and more like the Remblas in Barcelona ...

The tango music can be heard only a few meters from the Daurade area. From the top of the dock one dominates the whole dance floor.

They are already there, some are agitated rhythms of music ... how can they do? ... Others courageously sat on chairs or seated in front of a drink in the shade ...

DJ adjusts its controllers, announces the next tenda, tireless, passionate. The legs of tangueras rise, turn miraculously avoiding the couple next to them; all this world, this microcosm, appears in his strange singularity from the top of the Daurade platform...

The Coupole of La Grave continues to be reflected in the Garonne, imperturbable, unchanging...

Other highlights of the festival: the milongas at Mermoz.

When I arrive the room is already full, and is overflowing through all its openings, its terraces where tangueros/ras are crowding, tired by the heat. Fans and foggers installed around the dancing area are not enough to prevent them from sticking shirts, the hair to blend into a soft damp bath that leaves a non-virtual track of the last partner meeting.

I admire the professionalism of the orchestra, and I pity them greatly because they kept (class!) Tie and jacket!

Many Tangueras remain seated waiting for an invitation, despite the incentives of the organizers to invite strangers. Yet few men accept invitations from women, which discourages certain to take the plunge. It may one day provide courses in this direction: positioning strategy in the ball, how to approach a tanguero, etc...

The evening progresses and the temperature is dropping. It is very nice to get a drink and sit on the front steps of the entrance. The full moon is reflecting on the surface of the pool, the trees begin to undulate in the wind, couples come and go, the sound of tango music is in my ears ... A good wave is coming...

It is not possible to attend everything that is proposed. I miss (and I still regret it!!) the evening they danced in complete darkness! The only way to spot a partner was given by a bright band of a different colour. Forbidden to talk! I had great pleasure with a beautiful stranger ... or I danced with a handsome stud, but I do not know who he is !!

It was also absolutely necessary to attend the alternative music evening and the show Thursday night at Grainerie. Bad luck that is the day my body, and my mind, decided to stand down. Go to bed at 21h! It does not interest you, I know. Anyway, I can talk to you about because I saw it another day!

La Despedida is a magical moment where we can talk to people discovered during the festival. We discuss as if we had always known each others, when we saw each 2 or 3 times ... We evoke the evenings, performances, DJ's that were good, some less good, although this is purely subjective ! ... The links are created, the addresses are exchanged, and it remains energy to dance.

The outdoor terrace is crowded with chairs where people come to relax and take the air between 2 tendas (some will add a fight against mosquitoes very found of wet skin...).

A mast was erected in the middle of the track. We were turning around since the beginning of the afternoon, a strange way to remind us the respect of traffic rules ... The enigma is lifted when I see a strange and fragile young woman jumping on the track and climb up the matt within 3 seconds, down time for a breath, hang perpendicular to the mast, falling (pretend!) back as fast... like in a circus show, a feast for the eyes, blowing an opportunity for dancers... of short lived as the DJ does not leave us "fall" so easily and start the music again! Until midnight! And some were there for 3 hours in the afternoon. Mad, I tell you!

Will these same crazy guys be there next year? I'm sure yes. They or their friends, for sure! ... Because Tangopostale is not ready to stop, and will expand its reputation through ... the planet! in the image of air mail that inspired its name, and will also guide his steps.

Claude Gosselin

Photo taken from the magnificent collection of DJ BYC Bernardo - link